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Welcome to S.O.A.C.H. A place where we craft you to be an element of positivity and highly energetic. We are the source for those people who are searching for someone ( counselor ) with whom they can share their problems and can reach to some solution.

We listen to your problems, understand your obstacles and try to remove the hurdles from your path with our easy and smooth approach. Soach is for helping individuals to get the five key traits of success and high energy. Simple, original, amazing, courteous and happy. These five things are capable of turning anything if are used together. They seems to be simple but hard to practice and here our role starts to help you inculcate these practices in your routine.

Our mission is to evoke the inner power of an individual by using several techniques like counseling ,workshops, motivational lectures, virtual and imaginary practices.

To make individuals able to achieve their own dreamed Goals and solve the distractions/ problems through their own tricks. Our main focus is to make the people happier with the things they have in their hands and help them in living happier Life.

Our vision is to do a social cause by helping the humanity. Humans are the beautiful creatures of God ,who has some God gifted powers and because of life's unpleasant experiences these powers have become unapparent. Our motive is to remove those dark barriers and take that human power and spark to the heights of their mission and help them to choose the right path for living of rest of the life in a fantastic mode and to make balance between their personal and professional life.