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ASSERTIVE- a word that shows self-confident personality, positive, bold.

A one word that helps in developing and maintaining healthy relationship.

Being Assertive is the best part of human Nature. It indicates the maturity level of a person. It shows that by keeping others views, emotions, sentiments in mind you take right decisions or take a stand for yourself.

The word Passive means thinking about others needs only and not to give importance to self needs.

The word Aggressive means being egoistic and not to think about others needs only self needs are important.

Both the situation makes you trouble creating for yourself.

Whereas, Assertiveness is the quality of being self-assured and confident without being aggressive.

How can a person inhale this Quality?

1. Understanding the difference between Assertiveness, Aggression and Passiveness:

2. Learn verbal features of assertive communication: the verbal cues that indicate-
• Express respect, Sincerity, Calmness in voice, Co-operative and constructive.

3. Learn non-verbal features of assertive communication: the non-verbal cues are-
• Showing respect, Receptive listening, Direct eye contact, Smiling when pleased, Open body stance, Frowning when angry

4. The thought process must be associated with Assertive communication- The thoughts indicate-
• I will stand for myself by respecting others
• I will express my views directly and openly
• I will not attack on another’s emotions.

5. Understanding Aggressive Communication: aggression indicates – Anger, disregard for the needs, feelings, opinions and even safety of others.
• Blaming, Shouting, Sarcastic remarks, Putting others down, Fist-clenched- a hand with fingers clenched in the palm (as for hitting in anger), Crossed arms, Scowl, To stare down

6. Understanding Passive Communication: Silence and assumptions are the hall marks of passive communicators. They often found lack of respect for themselves, disregard of their opinion, feelings, and needs.
• Hesitating in expressing own needs, Putting self down, Quiet, Slouched posture (lazy), Gazing down, Crossed arms, Covering mouth with hands while talking

Benefits of Assertiveness:
• An assertive person sets the position of equality and respect. He/she respects his/her own values, rights and beliefs while respecting the same of others too.
• It helps in improving self-image.
• It reduces stress.
• It improves self-awareness and self- confidence.
• It helps in energy boost up and saves time.